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Timetable / Class Schedule

Some of our programs provide assigned timetables; others offer custom timetables where you create your own timetable to suit your schedule. Course offerings vary by semester. To see which applies to you go to It provides a comprehensive guide to timetables, electives and adding, swapping and dropping courses

Students with assigned timetables may be able to modify their delivered timetable using the online course add, swap and drop features provided they have paid their fees by the specified deadline. Modifications to assigned timetables are possible through myStudent Centre provided the program is not exempt from self service. Program and course exemptions are listed on the add, swap and drop pages.

To be able to access or create your timetable your fees must be up to date. Students who have paid their fees will have access to their timetable/course enrollment approximately three weeks before the start of term. Visit myTimetable to see timetable availability.


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