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Language Assessment

The Language Assessment is a mandatory placement test for students in a selection of Sheridan programs who are required to take  Essential Communications Skills as part of their program.This assessment is not part of the admission process. It is written after you have been granted admission to a program. Students who have completed pre-admission testing such as the  English Proficiency test or Mature Student Testing  or submitted proof of Language proficiency such as IELTS for admission must still complete the Language Assessment.

There is no fee to take your Language Assessment.

Students who are required to take Essential Communication Skills (ECS) as part of their program must first complete a Language Assessment prior to the start of classes so they can be placed in the correct communication skills course either, Essential Communication Skills (COMM 19999) or  Communication Foundations (COMM 19997).

Based on the results of the Language Assessment, the student will be enrolled in COMM 19999 or COMM 19997. Those students who are enrolled in  Communication Foundations (COMM19997) must successfully complete this course, then complete Essential Communication Skills  (COMM 19999) which is a requirement for graduation. An additional course fee will be charged to students who must complete both  Communication Foundations ( COMM 19997) and Essential Communication Skills (COMM 19999.)

Students who do not complete the language assessment cannot be enrolled in the required communications course.

 How to book your Language Assessment

  • Log into  Access Sheridan using your Sheridan username and password. Click on myStudent Centre, go to the Admissions section and click “Event Registration”
  • Click on the "Register" button beside Language Assessment.
  • Choose a date from the list of available dates. You will be able to select one date only.
  • Review the information for the selected session carefully. Click the Confirm button to finalize your choice, or click the Return button to make another selection.
  • You will be sent an email confirmation after you have registered.

For more information on the Language Assessment please click here.

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