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Program Requirements

Each program requires specific admission requirements. Please visit the full time program page and select your program then look for the Admission Requirements.

Admission to Sheridan is very competitive and students, who meet, even exceed, our minimum requirements may not necessarily receive an offer. Admission is given to the student who has the highest average and/or highest scores for other selection requirements ie. portfolios, resume, testing.The average needed for admission to a program fluctuates from intake to intake depending on the pool of applications we receive.  Please click here to view the average academic GPAs used for admission to Sheridan's highly competitive programs in recent years. These grades should only be used as a guideline as the minimum grade requirements for programs can vary with each intake.

Highly Competitive Programs also called oversubscribed programs are programs where the number of qualified applicants exceed the number of seats available.

These programs normally do not accept applications after the February 1st equal consideration date for the fall enrollment.

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