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Difference Between Degrees, Advanced Diplomas, Diplomas and Certificates

Ontario College Certificate
Sheridan offers one-year certificate programs that range from focused, career-specific options, to others that prepare you for further study at the college or university level.

Ontario College Diploma & Advanced Diploma
These two and three-year programs prepare you for a specific field of work and also include a broad base of study, which enables graduates to pursue various career specialties. Many of these programs also include a co-op of field placement component, giving students an opportunity to gain valuable work experience while completing their studies.

Ontario College Graduate Certificate
These one-year programs generally require applicants to hold a diploma or degree, and provide advanced skills that will allow them to excel in their profession.

Honours Bacclaureate Degree
Sheridan's four-year bachelor's degree programs combine the theory and critical thinking of a university program with hands-on, applied learning and a practical work term, fully preparing graduates for employment.

College - University Collaboration
Collaborative programs are partnerships between Sheridan and its university partners where students study at both institutions. Some collaborative programs allow students to earn credentials from both Sheridan and the university partner, while others graduates with the university credential alone.

Articulation Agreements
Many Sheridan programs have articulation agreements with universities in Canada and abroad that provide advanced standing into certain university degree programs.  To view articulation agreements visit the website

To view a selection of all of our post-secondary programs see Programs.

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